Years of the same commitment, passion and dedication went into the development of the revolutionary Leatt-Brace® and continues with every new product being developed at Leatt®. Backed by scientific research and the collaboration with highly esteemed players in the safety field, all our products benefit from these continuous efforts by Dr. Leatt and his team of designers and biomedical engineers at the Leatt® Lab in Cape Town, South Africa, home of Leatt®’s research & development.

It is our badge of honour. Our choice.


The weekend after his son start’s riding, Dr Chris Leatt witnesses the death of fellow rider, Alan Selby. He’s moved to begin designing his first neck brace prototypes.

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Leatt Knowledge Library

Research and Development Efforts towards the Production of the Leatt-Brace® Moto GPX Unrestrained Torso Neck Brace

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Leatt Lab

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, this is Leatt®’s home of research & development. Here Dr. Leatt and his team of engineers and designers conceptualise and test new products and constantly strive to improve existing products even further.

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